Our Story

We are a small family run business that is built on our foundation of faith in the crosswork of Jesus Christ. We began our walk with Christ immediately following a horrible night of evil while filming “paranormal activity”. Our testimony involves a radical conversion, deliverance, and countless testimonies since. He has continued to work in our lives and our reassurance relies solely on Him for strength, peace, and joy. We feel so strongly that our testimony of God’s love needs to be heard we include a description in every hat order. After all, this business is His and we are just running the show until He calls us home.

We are located in Bemidji Minnesota close to the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River on Lake Itasca. In fact, the Mississippi river runs within a stone’s throw of our property before it begins to flow south. Our name “headwaters” means source or the beginning. God gave us a new beginning, as He is our source for life.

I am Kevin Cochran and the founder of Headwaters Hat Company. I have spent over 20 years guiding clients from all over the world to trophy muskies in the northwoods of Minnesota. I work with In-Fisherman Magazine/TV and many fishing manufacturers to refine their products. My daughter can be found helping me prep for guide for muskies or boxing up orders. 

Our hats embody the passion we have for chasing elusive fish. We work with brand consultants and the finest fish artists to bring you a unique and classic design. The blanks that we use are selected through hours of research and product testing. Many of our camouflage-patterned blanks are based off of retro hunting patterns of old. Our patch designs feature a classic Americana feel that embrace the “days gone by”. Our releases are always in small batches and product moves fast.

We are humbled that you would choose our hats to grace the image of your next catch. Sincerely, thank you for taking time out of your day to check out the lids we offer. We will always be on standby to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. In addition, if you would like us to pray for you we will include a handwritten prayer with a verse from scripture in your order.